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A place of research, creation, and encounters, La Maison d'Odile was founded in 2021 to provide the contemporary art scene with an atypical venue that fosters exceptional, unexpected, and intercultural links across the world. By opening a space to entities of different origin and inspiration - the art world, local and personal initiatives, large companies, local communities - La Maison d'Odile offers a unique mosaic of venues for talented international artists and writers.

Through a series of residencies, exhibitions, and symposia around art and knowledge at large, we aim to promote within La Maison d'Odile a dialogue around the arts in a transversal and multicultural dynamic.


La Maison d'Odile is a tribute to Odile, a wonderful woman who turned this and other places she occupied into a home, a refuge, a shelter from which she supported young adventurers who were lost and daring in their endeavours.

At the age of 17, Odile left the village of Bernède to go to Paris with the desire to become a nurse. But she would become much more: an anaesthetist and head of an established hospital department, she would use her knowledge, time, money and empathy to help young people in psychological difficulty. Her flats in Paris were the scene of her generosity.

La Maison d'Odile is the extension of a vocation, a tribute to this extraordinary person. Unpredictable encounters, chance, harmony, exchange, internationality, the crossing of different cultures are all values that we defend, because they are what Odile transmitted to us.

Paris,  2021