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The Room Projects X La Maison d’Odile
With the support of the TaNy&PaWo - La collection and the gallery 31 PROJECT.

Kelani Abass

Residency: 14 April-1 May 2022

As an image hunter, Kelani Abass embeds a family heritage and a national history in his work.

Sculptor, painter, poet, craftsman, archivist or simply Artist, he explores in his practice a universe made of nostalgia, perceptions and images that light up visionary flashes and offer unpredictable insights.

With dedication and passion, Kelani Abass redraws the history of his country through the reliefs of his creations and pays tribute to his father who was his first source of inspiration.

Born in 1979, he lives and works in Lagos.


Thanks to the 31 PROJECT gallery for supporting this residency!

The Room Projects X La Maison d’Odile
With the support of Think & Do International and TaNy&PaWo - La collection.

van Melle

Residency: 8-22 January 2022

Adrien van Melle has built his artistic career by working with narrative as a multi-faceted material.

In the manner of Nicolas Bouvier's writings or John Baldessari's works, strong in conceptual intelligence, his work pushes us, without ever forcing us, to think, to read, to understand freely.

Adrien is more than an artist: he lays the foundations of a school of thought between here and elsewhere, today and tomorrow, as close as possible to the human being and never far from a world that is foreign to us.

Born in 1987, he lives and works in Paris. He is represented by the Florence Loewy gallery.


Paris,  2021