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Quote: The wall of the AtelierWall Breton, from Didier Ottinger, 2003

Art BooksPrivate Collection, 2021

For each residency and each exhibition, La Maison d'Odile provides a series of objects from various private collections: paintings, books, stamps, sculptures, photographs, rare objects... they constitute a documentary base to inspire.

Composed according to "a paradoxical order, which intertwines personal memories and the respect due to invisible energies, to the laws of magnetism and to the surprises of chance" (Didier Ottinger), the documentary base is at the service of the residents in order to develop a critical and reflective look at contemporaneity. Its purpose is to support, on a permanent basis, any action related to the transmission of knowledge and art.

This documentary base is today mainly supported by the private collection TaNy & PaWo
Formed in 2016 in three cities - Taipei (TA), New York City (NY) & Paris (PA) and around the world (WO)- TaNy & PaWo also means “tiny” and “power” in English. A name that reflects the collection’s mission: tiny actions that empower emerging talent in both the artistic and corporate worlds.

Paris,  2021