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La Maison d’Odile Manifesto, from Art & Knowledge, signed between Canada, Senegal, Taiwan, France, Italy and Belgium  2019

The concept you are about to discover is not the result of chance.
It is not a business, a fashion, a plan, a whim, a trend,...

This little thing, composed of three words, is an evolution, a metamorphosis, the outcome of a simple, discreet and fervent desire to paint a poetic vision of the 21st century. We want, in all modesty, contributing to the sharing between cultures and generations. We act pragmatically, in small steps, according to our modest means, to overcome barriers between people, to stimulate simple, peaceful and democratic happiness, to offer knowledge, to encourage freedom of thought and creation, to accompany vocations with passion and to foster beautiful encounters.

In the black and white, sepia-toned, torn and badly taken photo of the founders of Art&Knowledge we see battered graffiti, Parisian cobblestones, high-altitude teas, weathered cafés, Taiwanese sunflowers, lots of foreigners, scratched film, rebellious spirits, New York musicians, old or enchanted students, battered magazines and books.

And yet! Those who know us know us to be deeply peaceful, human, accessible, artistic, virtual secular, interactive, simple, altruistic radio, earthy, free, cinematic and graspable... often in action but always peaceful, at the service of the causes that are ours: a timeless place, an act of sponsorship, a typed newsletter, a poorly done drawing, an artist in residence, a radio show, a passionate dinner, a film co-production, a creative concert, a structured seminar, a photographed cry, a militant flag, a festival of flavours and colours, a tea cupping, a misunderstood painting, great bursts of laughter, heated debates or a deserved sleep…

Art&Knowledge cannot be bought or sold, but it can be financed...we accept money from those who love diversity and who wish to bring the values we defend to life in the four corners of the world. We are content to finance those who are discouraged and who deserve to take off, to fly away. Art&Knowledge is already spread over 3 continents and 5 cities... a bit impatient to share this other vision of this beautiful world!

Paris,  2019