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The Gallery and La Maison d’Odile— La Maison d’Odile,  2021

La Maison d’Odile
is a dynamic place of art and encounters which consists of different spaces located in the middle of the corn and sunflower fields of the Gascony region - in the heart of south-western France - a few hours from the capital. These spaces are made available to artists and authors with the aim of promoting an international dialogue.

The spaces in the South-West :
The main structure is located in the Gascon village of Bernède. Surrounded by fields of wheat, La Maison consists of multiple spaces:

The Studio - Spread over two floors, the studio consists of a ground floor with kitchen and bathroom, a mezzanine that functions as a working studio, and a first floor with a private office and bedroom.

The Patio - A former henhouse dedicated to philosophical and contemplative activities. It is an ideal place to browse through old books from the private collection, sip tea, admire the view over the fields and the historic village tower.

The Launge - Open for all to listen to vinyl, read, or use the stamps from the collection.

The Room - An experimental room, writing studio, and occasional office, with a view of the back garden.

The Stages - An open-air space designed to host master classes, rather than artistic actions and performances.

The Theatre - Open-air theatre where it is possible to attend concerts or performances, eat on a bench, nibble on wild nuts, admire the starry sky at night.

The Gallery - Created from an old barn, this place is conceived as an exhibition space, a creative workshop, a tea room, a theatre for exchange and dialogue between several actors, a space to consult the endowment.

The artistic programme 2022-2024 has been entrusted to The Room Projects.

Paris,  2021